Traditional Bajan Recipes

GLOSSARY-  for those who are unfamiliar with caribbean terms, produce and fish.

  • Flying Fish : A white fish, weighing about 8 ozs.. Purple in color, backed with a silver stomach and wing-like fins. Delicious roe called melts. May be poached, fried, steamed or baked.
  • Dolphin: A white fish with firm flesh. Not a mammal as in some other countries, it weighs up to 30 lbs.
  • Sea Egg: A variety of the sea urchin. White in color with deep yellow, soft roe. Considered a delicacy and may be eaten raw, steamed or sauteed.
  • Snapper: A white fleshed fish, weighing about 6-8 lbs. Delicious when stuffed and baked but may also be fried.
  • Breadfruit:Contrary to what the name suggests, the breadfruit is used as a vegetable. Round or oval, approximately the size of a small football, green rough skin, which with the center core is removed before cooking. It can be boiled, baked or fried.
  • Bonnet or Bonnie Peppers: Very hot tiny peppers - not unlike a minature jalapeno. Usually used in quantity in stews etc.
  • Cassava: Dark brown, bark-like skin with white starchy flesh. A long irregular shaped root characterizes this tuber. It is used to make casareep, flour,tapioca and starch. It is also eaten as a vegetable.
  • Barbados Cherry: When ripe, the skin is deep red. There are three small seeds in a yellowish flesh. Used in puddings, jellies, jams etc. Proven to be an extremely good source of vitamin C which, unlike most fruit, is not lost when cooked.
  • Coconut: This well-known tropical fruit serves a two fold purpose. when green, it is unripe and when brown it is ripe. The green nuts contain refreshing water and soft white jelly which is much sought after. They are usually sold by the wayside by coconut vendors.The ripe coconuts are grated and used in cakes, breads and confectionery