Traditional Bajan Recipes
The following is a collection of traditional Barbadian (Bajan) recipes, focusing attention on the products readily available on the island - and for those unfamiliar with local Barbadian or tropical products and produce a glossary is provided.

As early as the middle of the seventeenth century, historians recorded that Barbadians were very partial to their food and drink, consuming big meals and imbibing much beer...although our best known product (apart from our cricketers), Barbados Rum, soon gained prominence and due to its ferocity was known as"Kill Devil"

Our varied culinary heritage is based on a mix of three different traditions- the Arawak Indian, the European and the African. Some of the earliest traditional recipes, such as cassava pone, are mentioned in several seventeenth century historical documents. Others are cou-cou, mock apple sauce and jug-jug,the latter being a "must" with Christmas dinner for all Bajans.

Over the years, the opening up of the trade routes with North America, Europe and Africa brought in a variety of other products which Bajans prepared in that uniquely "bajan" way. Probably the most popular being salted cod fish which to this day, remains immensely popular on the island and is prepared in a number of different ways.

Cassava Pone Conkies Cou-Cou Fried Flying Fish Jug-Jug
Souse Hot Pepper Sauce Sweet Bread Rum Punch Rice &Peas
Pepper Pot Salt Fish Cakes Bajan Black Cake Puncha Crema Coconut Sugar Cakes
Why don't you try a couple of the above recipes? You can try substituting ingredients with the next best available to you. You may even arrive at a taste close to the original. Have fun!!
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Sincere acknowledgements to Peggy Sworder and Jill Hamilton compilers of "The Barbados Cookbook" for some of the recipes on this site.
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